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Case study


Case study


Perfect program partner.


Salus provides significant benefits by combining data analytics with a personal touch.

For over a decade, Salus has effectively managed claims for a renowned, not-for-profit Texas health system with over 8,000 employees. During that time, we have dramatically reduced cost per employee, lost costs and the number of days off the job.

Program insight drives action

In addition to superior claims management, our safety and prevention consulting was instrumental in retooling the client’s entire occupational injury program. By demonstrating what, when, and how injuries occur–and then providing management with strategic options, training, and equipment to reduce those risks–Salus helps mitigate risk and control loss.

Employee satisfaction drives results

A key driver of this program’s success is our emphasis on employee satisfaction. Salus adjusters are in constant communication with our select providers. This partnership ensures personalized care with aligned intention: Doing what is best for the injured employee.

As a result of our special relationship with quality primary care physicians, specialists, diagnostics, and physical therapists, prioritized employee appointments are often scheduled the same day. This level of service not only ensures employee satisfaction, but better care has a material impact on overall costs.


80%   Reduction in lost workdays
60%   Reduction in claims cost per employee
40%   Average reduction in cost per claim
30%   Decline in injury rate

5 year comparison

1 year avg.
claims cost
 $1,260,000 $884,000

Annual savings   $376,000

Total savings   $1,890,000